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General Transportation Culture

We are a diverse group of high-minded individuals with 3 + decades of industry experience and knowledge, dedicated to the continuing growth of our company’s unique culture.

We simplify logistics so you can focus on growth and profit. Since our humble beginnings with one truck. Above all, we are committed to our company’s mission “Logistics Done Right”.

Flexibility 100%
Consistency 100%
When I first started in the trucking industry over 30 years ago, I knew I wanted my company to distinguish itself from the competition. I wanted it to be a place where everyone felt welcomed and appreciated, and also where they understood how important their contributions are to the company's success. A place where employees knew their efforts and sacrifices were valued. I founded a company that I believe will have a long-term impact on the industry.

— Roger Decker
Founder, General Transportation Inc.

General Transportation's Special Commodity Division has extensive experience moving difficult to move commodities. The division specializes in transporting all freight that is difficult to cover, including hay, salt, carbon black, and others. Our partnership with partner carriers ensures not only regular capacity but also competitive rates.

— Special Commodities Team
General Transportation - Domestic

Customer Focused “Done Right”

We seek long-term relationships with customers that have a healthy appreciation for the balance between rate, value, and service.

We always keep decision making as close to our customers as possible, and that allows us to move fast, remain proactive, and deliver on deadlines.

Technology “Done Right”

Technology is at the core of everything we do. We deliver complete end-to-end visibility throughout even the most complex of supply chains and our solutions are completely custom to each customer. No cookie cutter solutions here.

Our vision is to simplify logistics solutions for all our clients nationwide.

Having the right tools to complete the task is important, updates and visibility of cargo allows us to be on target with our planning.

— Ben S.
International Team, iHerb

We're up to the challenge

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